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Flatbed Trucks For Sale

Flatbed trucks allow you to haul more goods and allow easy access for a forklift to maneuver and take goods off the trucks. Beyond, flatbed trucks allow you to navigate city landscapes such as Sacramento, San Jose, and San Francisco with ease. Without the large height of a box van, you’re able to park flatbed trucks in parking garages and on the street easier. As compared to cargo vans, flatbed trucks also allow the use of straps to secure goods in the bed of the truck. This makes sure that items in the bed of the trucks don’t move around as much and cause trouble on hills or roads.

Stake trucks, which have stake sides, are great for hauling somewhat looser items. Beyond, some of our stake trucks have lift gates, which can improve your workflow significantly and prevent injury. For those who need a stake truck for contracted work, or short-term gigs, renting a stake truck may be best for you.

For over 60 years, Hengehold Trucks has provided those in Sacremento, San Jose, San Francisco and beyond trucks to make their work more efficient. We look forward to helping you find the right truck for your next job. Contact us today!

Stock No. Year Make Model / Body Miles Price Photos
Stakes & Flatbeds
21355 2017 Isuzu NRR 20’ Stake with LIFTGATE 30K $49,995 Holding image
21279 2016 Ford F650 SUPER CAB 20’ Flatbed - 6.7L DIESEL 4K $64,995 Holding image
21351 2015 Isuzu NPR HD 16' Stake with LIFTGATE - 5.2L DIESEL 29K $42,995 Holding image
21352 2015 Isuzu NPR HD 16' Stake with LIFTGATE - 5.2L DIESEL 49K $41,995 Holding image
21330 2017 Ford F450 14' Stake - 4 X 4 - 6.7L DIESEL 49K $49,995 Holding image
21285 2012 Isuzu NPR 14' Stake 84K $29,995 Holding image
21215 2012 Ford F250 8.5' ALUMINUM FLATBED with Fold Down Sides 56K $22,995 Holding image
21243 2012 Ford F250 8.5' ALUMINUM FLATBED with Fold Down Sides 70K $21,995 Holding image
20926 2009 Chev 2500 HD 8' Stake with LIFTGATE 8K $28,995 Holding image
Contractor's Flatbeds
21232 2015 Ram 4500 14' Contractor's Flatbed with RACK - 6.7L CUMMINS DIESEL 27K $49,995 Holding image

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